Model running slow, spinning, spinning, spinning

I am working on a model that is a simple wall but has a lot of organic drawings. It came to a point where it’s impossible to work with. Everything I do the spinning wheel goes on for 15 minutes or more. I have 32GB memory but I’m afraid my desktop has an older processor. Last time I checked model info there were 472825 edges and 165342 faces. So, who is the real culprit , the model or my computer? Any suggestions?

It’s hard to say exactly where the problem is. Could be one or more problems. Are you really using the web-based SketchUp for Schools?

I have SU installed in my computer. It’s the Sketchup Pro 2019

You should correct your profile, then.

Do you see any improvement if you purge unused stuff from the file? Window>Model Info>Statistics.

Can you share the .skp file so we could compare performance on a different machine?

A lightweight style may help too.

What is an “organic drawing”?

Organic shapes have lots of curves, which means lots of edges and faces in SketchUp. Organic life forms like plants and animals aren’t usually made up of cubes or arcs of a circle.

You may be right but I was trying to imagine (since the OP hasn’t let us see) what a simple wall with “organic drawings” would look like. Doesn’t sound like a simple wall.

Anything with that number of faces and edges must be pretty complex in fact.

I am an Interior Design Student but was able to install SU Pro at a discounted rate.

I tried purging but the number of faces/edges remain the same.

Good idea, will share the skp file.