Model opening but not showing

This morning, I opened a model I have been working on during the last two weeks, and as I was applying a texture, it froze, I clicked to close it, it prompted me to save, and saved it. When I reopened the model, it opens, but it only shows the green background and not the model. I have tried almost anything to no avail. It’s as the model got corrupt and I fear I lose all the work I have performed, as this was only the first part of a much larger project and it has been very hard work. Please, if someone knows how to fix this, I would be extremely grateful.


Can you share the SKP file? If we could see it, we might have some good answers for you.

First thing to try is zoom extents, shift+z. This will bring it into focus if it has somehow become tiny.

How do I share the model??

7th button from the left in the row of gray buttons across the top of your message window.

Ok, I found the backup file and everything’s working now. Thank you… :slight_smile:

It might still be useful to sort out what happened in case it happens again.

Ok. The problem with this is that it takes a while to upload. Let’s see if I can do it.

If it is bigger than 3meg don’t try.

Oh, and also, the corrupt file no longer exists, since I already copied the backup one to the original name…

For future reference, it is safer to save things with a new name so you can find out what went wrong and still have your safe backup.

At this point you don’t know if the original file was corrupt nor what actually happened to it. I guess you never will know now.

Yes, well… Next time… :wink:

We hope for your sake there isn’t a next time! :innocent:

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