Model information purging and deleting objects in model

Good morning,
Some objects take longer to delete than other objects in the model. And have to close the program and restart. The model tab which shows statistics takes a long time to purge in some files, thanks

Maybe you could explain what the real problem is, it would be normal that some actions take a longer time with a complex model than a simpler model…
If you share your model here maybe someone can take a look to see where the problem lies.
If it is bigger than 15 Mb you cannot share it directly on the forum. If so share it on Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar and post the link here. Make sure that the file is accessible by others…

Can you share the model so we can check what’s the problem.

Sorry for the late response. When I posted the question another commitment came up. I also didn’t have access to my computer to be able to respond. Thanks for the help anyway. I uploaded the file with the problems of deleting certain objects in the model. And in the model display window under statistics option, there is a long delay for purging. Thanks again for the help. :blush:

This file doesn’t take as long deleting the building or parts of it compared to another file from which it was transferred from. There was not much difference in performance except for the problem of deleting the building, The other file has 60Kb.
Assy1.skp (8.1 MB)

Alas, I didn’t encounter any performance issues at all with the model you uploaded so I have no clue why you are seeing slow response.

The building with missing parts is the problem. The other file is too large too upload.

You can upload it to a sharing site such as DropBox and provide a link to it here. Be sure to make it public readable.

You can upload it to Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar file sharing service and share the link. Make sure that the file is accessible to others…

I see @slbaumgartner beat me to it…

I’m currently researching cloud drive options for uploading the larger file and can provide the file as soon as I find one. thanks