Model Info Window Won't Display When Using Multiple Screens

Long story short, I have three monitors hooked up to my work computer - I’m running SketchUp Make 2016 - when I click on Model Info or Preferences even, the program responds but there is nothing displayed on any of my screens.

Try Window>Preferences>Workspace and Reset Workspace.

When I click Preferences the toolbar goes grey and every time I click in SketchUp it makes the invalid click noise - I have to hit Esc to be able to navigate the program again.

** the menu bar, rather

The windows are opening off screen.
Click Window/Preferences then alt+space then tap m then tap any arrow key and finally move the mouse around until the preference dialog comes into view.
Once you have it you can then use it to reset the workspace.

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Ha! right on, good to know. not sure how that happened but that did the trick, thanks

This fix was done a long time ago, but just happened to me when changing one of my dual screens. Fixed it - would just add not to worry when the “Preferences” dialog box doesn’t show - just trust the keystrokes. Mine came in from the right of the screen.

Many thanks Box