Model info in Layout (what is my model file name?)

Hi Guys, a funny one here. I’m in Layout, I have insert a few model, they look very similar. How can I see what is what. The only way I found is by clic on “open in sketchup” then once in sketchup, I know what file is it. I would expect some sort of property window or model info… I just wanna know what is the name of that model!

Layout is a very simple software and I appreciate it, but it looks like this very simple (essential) feature is missing.

Oh! wait I found a way, but it need a few clicks. When you have Document Setup, References window open, if you select the model, a pale gray highlight wich file name it is. That’s a fix but it would be nice to have it a little bit more obvious. Cheers

Some else request this feature to…