Model Info doesn't appear, Layer color can't be changed and other error on SU2017

I have a lot of problem in SU2017.

The model Info window doesn’t appear, anywhere.

The file stops working when I try to change color of any layer.

There are problem opening file: I have to run sketchup many times to have any file open.

I try uninstalling and re-installing. the first week everything goes well. Right now there are still the same problems.

Do you have more than one monitor?
Can you open, Window/Preferences and hit Reset Workspace?

I just run the “Sketchup 2017 Checkup”.

The problem is on my graphics card memory.

Well, running Sketchup on 1 monitor, everything works.

I should probably use Sketchup 2016.

Thank you @Box

Carlo, this NVS 3100M is a multi-display business card.
It is not meant for graphics nor gaming. It only has 16 cuda cores.