Model has re-sized - need help

Hi, I’m a beginner. I saved a copy of my 3D model to make a floor plan and I have somehow managed to re-size it. The ceiling height was originally 2400mm, but is now 7623mm! I don’t know how I did it, and the majority of the interior has resized also. Does anyone know if I can revert it back? I’m too scared to try anything myself as its for an assignment and I don’t want to loose it. Thanks in advance for your expert advice. Leigh

Can you share the model so we can see what you’ve got and help you fix it?

Im sorry, how do I do that?

I expect the file is too large to upload directly so upload it to drop box and share the link.

[Dropbox - Leigh Ruthven 3D Model Test.skb - Simplify your life]

I hope this works, thanks Dave

The link isn’t working for me.

There is a way with the tape measure to have the model resize back to the original size, but that need not work with some of the components you have imported. Another way is to scale everything back to the right size. Try this steps:

  1. Show all of the tag. Some are hidden at the moment.

  2. Select your building and the insides. Doing a left to right Select tool drag around the whole are should get everything you need.

  3. Choose the Scale tool, and click on one of the upper corners. Move your cursor to start making every be smaller.

  4. Type this value (no need to click in the dimensions field, as soon as you start to type the numbers will appear):

  5. Press Enter.

Your ceiling height should be back to 2400mm now.

You don’t have to type all of the numbers I gave, even just .3148 will get you close enough.

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