Model has blue and white squares

I have been drawing a model of a home for several days now and everything has worked fine till yesterday. all of a sudden my model got pixelated with blue and white squares. I already tried to uncheck the box for “fast feedback” in the openGL but that didn’t work. Yes I restarted the program. Not sure what has happened please help. I have attached my model for your review. Thank You!
518 Kelsey Model.skp (326.7 KB)

Camera is a zillion feet from the model. Switch to Perspective and then zoom Extents to zoom back into the model. Do your modeling in Perspective, not in Parallel Projection. Save Parallel Projection for scenes you use for output.
Fixed incorrect tag usage (Untagged should always be left active. All edges and faces should be created and left untagged.) and purged unused after sorting out the camera.
Screenshot - 1_24_2022 , 12_45_17 PM

Screenshot - 1_24_2022 , 12_45_37 PM

518 Kelsey Model.skp (74.0 KB)

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Or if you want to zoom and orbit in Parallel Projection, switch occasionally to Perspective as Dave says, and back to reset the camera.

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FWIW you have the camera set to about 13,888,836 feet or about 2630.5 miles from the model.Your model is near the origin and the camera was at the left end of the dimensioned line in this screen shot when I opened the file.

Thank you very much Dave! Changing to perspective and zoom extents fixed the problem. Unfortunately I have no idea what your second sentence means. I have self taught mostly from YouTube. I am a general contractor by trade and I occasionally draw plans for my clients. I self taught AutoCad originally but found Sketchup to be a lot more user friendly. In other words, I can use all the help I can get. Thanks again!! You have no idea how much I appreciate everyone on this forum.

Do you mean my comment about tag usage? If so, in SketchUp Untagged should be left active at all times. ALL edges and faces should be created and left untagged. Only components and groups should get tags. Pretty easy workflow. No chasing active tags like you’d chase active layers in AutoCAD.

Yes sir. How do I know if Untagged is active? I just realized I have a second issue. When I try to orbit the model to the rear of the home it disappears completely

Look at the far right side of the Tags panel for the pencil icon.
Screenshot - 1_24_2022 , 7_23_41 PM

You shifted the camera back to Parallel Projection and now you are seeing clipping. Do your modeling with the camera set to Perspective. As I wrote before, save Parallel Projection for output.

Thanks for hanging in there with me Dave. So basically draw everything untagged until I finish and then tag it once I make it a component?
My camera is set to perspective

Create all geometry untagged and then give your groups and components tags. Make components/groups as you go along. For example you might model the garage floor slab and make it a group. Them model the garage walls and make them a group, etc.

Press zoom Extents again. With practice you’ll be able to orbit and otherwise navigate without moving the camera into the model.

Got it. Thank You. I did try zoom extents again and it worked until I tried to orbit again and it disappeared once more.

Are you sure the Camera is set to Perspective?

In your original model, not Dave’s fixed one, you have a guide at a long distance causing the clipping.
If you go Edit/Delete Guides the clipping will stop.

That did it. Thanks a million

Yes sir. It was on perspective. Every time I orbited even a little the model disappeared. I just kept hitting zoom extents as I rotated around the model.

Sorry. I thought you’d started using the one I uploaded and I had forgotten about the guideline in your original file.

I apologize Dave. I did not see the file you uploaded until now. Thank you for fixing it.

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