Model gets distorted in Google Earth preview

Hi, I’ve been trying for a while to get an accurate preview of a Sketchup model in Google Earth. Ive tried various things such as making the model a group or component, but it still comes out looking like this:

Can anyone help? This is in Sketchup 8 being run on Mac Snow Leopard. Thanks a lot!


What is it supposed to look? What would be correct, and what is wrong?

If you move the view and geometry changes (long triangles stabbing through the view, clipping plane, color artifacts), it could be a rendering problem of Google Earth.

If you move the view and colors of faces flicker, it could be z-fighting, faces were exported in the same position in space, and it can not be determined which face is in front of another. I believe this is the case with the blue faces on gray background. This could be caused by the exporter from SketchUp, or more likely it could be due to the way how the model was created. Faces should never be in the same space (with zero gap). We could find out more when seeing the SketchUp model.

Hey thanks for the response! I ended just boosting my OS and upgrading to sketchup 2014 (but not 2015, I aint made of money!) and it works fine. That is interesting about the z-fighting tho.