Model distortion by software error

I have come across this problem a number of times over the course of creating 3d models in Sketchup in recent versions of the software. Apologies in advance if this question has been answered in the past but I can seem to find a answer to it.
To explain what I mean by model distortion by software error is that it is produced by the software and not by myself directly. In the case below, I was pushing a wall upwards where all of a sudden the model was stretched to a point at the side of the model. I did not use the stretch/move command and using the Undo button would only delete the work within the distorted model and NOT amend the model to its correct properties. In short, I had to load the SKB file to get back the model to its previous state which was not the current model that I was working on at the time of the distortion but a good two hours before it.
Does anyone have an explanation or solution so this does not happen again?

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We’ve seen this sort of thing when the model is at a huge distance from the origin. How far from the origin is your model?

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Thanks DaveR,
I always place my model on the origin point.

Can’t tell from your screen shot. Maybe you could share the .skp file so we can have a look at help you identify what’s happening.

Unfortunately I do not have that SU model to upload as I deleted it and have started to remodel it rather than running the risk with that problem occurring again. I took a screen shot of the error for a friend of mine as he has had the same problem occur a couple of time recently too with some of his 3d models.
BTY I had the Axis turned off as I was doing some progress exports out for a client

It often happens when Autosave kicks in at just the wrong moment and is suspected to be related to a couple of extensions.

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Would you know what those extensions would be as I use some of them i.e. Flextools and Vali Architects extensions?

Flextools is one suspect, Podium another, Skalp has sometimes been suspect. None have been pinned down to be ‘the one’ seems to be something they do on specific systems. There are others.

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Thanks for that Box. I am running Flextools as I said but not the other two you mentioned.

And I’m not saying it is Flextools, you can try without it but you may never hit the same combination of things at the same time anyway.

Generally the easiest solution is to give up on autosave, it tends to cause more problems than it fixes. Kicks in just at the wrong time and slows everything down etc
I haven’t used it for more than a decade and have yet to lose anything significant as I save regularly and at appropriate points.


That is great advice about the Autosave as it does slow down the system as I have it a 15 minutes due the rare crash and losing hours of work. I think I will try that and just do more manual saved than I am doing now.

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