Model disappears when trying to re-size with tape measure tool

I am a fairly new user to Sketchup. I have designed a fairly simple model to print with a 3d printer. When the object printed, it was too small by about 3/64" so I went back into Sketchup to re-size the model.
I made the whole model a “component” and used the tape measure tool to try to re-size, however,when I select “re-size entire model” , it disappears totaly.
Can you help?

When you say you made the entire model a component you may have added some loose geometry that is making the whole thing get very small.

Try hitting Shift z. This is zoom extents and should focus in on the entire model. If your piece doesn’t fill the screen then you have got something wrong.

When you can’t find the model, try… Camera > Zoom Extents

That was exactly the problem. When it re-sized, it moved so far off the axis that it didn’t show up.
Thanks so much.

Hmmm you should check things, because if you were only trying to resize it by 3/64ths it shouldn’t have moved that far.

Don’t know what I did, but I had to re-align the model to center it on the z axis after re-sizing.
Like I said, I’m still pretty new to this so I will probably be back for more help in the future.

It’s a never-ending theme here: if you upload your model, you will get quicker and more accurate advice than if you just ask a question about it.

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