Model disappear when orbit



Hello everyone this is my first Topic ever.

My name is Mattias, I live in coold Sweden :slight_smile:
Soon i will start my “garage buliding project”

Iam first creating the garage in sketchup. iam almost done, but there is som issues when i orbit around.
The whole model disappear and its hard to find it again. I have tried diffrent things i found on youtube.
Nothing hepls…

Can someone please help me? take a look at my model and see whats wrong?



How about sharing the SKP file so we can see exactly what is happening?

First thought without seeing it is that you have what is known as clipping. There are several reasons this occurs. One is that you are working in Parallel Projection instead of Perspective and the camera is positioned too close to the model. Try switching to Perspective and hit Zoom Extents.


cp kamera.skp (1.4 MB)

Sorry… forgot that :slight_smile:


Copy the model and paste it into a new SketchUp file. I think you’ve got something corrupting this one.


Thank you so much ! Can you se whats wrong? :sweat_smile:


I’m still looking. I see some issues with your model of the garage but by themselves, they shouldn’t cause this problem.


hahaha… sooo simple :slight_smile:

Thanks !! Now its working… i call this BUUUGGG :wink:
You are my Hero DaveR


I wouldn’t say for sure it’s a bug but it is unexpected. At least you’re back to working again. Good luck with the garage and keep warm.


It’s very odd, it won’t respond to my 3d mouse, then if I switch to orbit with the toolbar and move around it bugsplatts.
But copy and paste was my suggestion too as that works.


Another odd thing I see is that changing to different standard views doesn’t change the axis display. It remains in the Top view. Switching from Perspective to Parallel and back seems to fix that but it doesn’t stay fixed.


There is a text entity that somehow has gotten its position set immensely far from the origin. When I erase that entity the model returns to sanity.

It says “P1 Limträ 0,14x0,14 m L2313mm”

cp kamera.skp (1.5 MB)


Excellent! I figured there had to be something at a long distance from the origin but I hadn’t found it yet. Steve to the rescue!