Model Bounding Box

I’m looking for the fastest way to find “SU Model” bbox

In previous SDK we have :

    ISkpBoundingBox3d *pbbox;
	pskpdoc->get_ModelExtents( &pbbox );

	ISkpPoint3d *pPoint3dMin, *pPoint3dMax;
	pbbox->get_MinPoint( &pPoint3dMin );
	pbbox->get_MaxPoint( &pPoint3dMax );

In current C API we only have only :

SUEntitiesGetBoundingBox(SUEntitiesRef entities, struct SUBoundingBox3D* bbox);
SUDrawingElementGetBoundingBox(SUDrawingElementRef elem, struct SUBoundingBox3D* bbox);

Is there some hidden magic API method like :

SUModelGetBoundingBox(model_, &bbox_);

Or do I need to explore all entities recursively and append each entity bbox ?

Hm… you’re right. We appear to be missing this. But, you should not need to recurse the model to get this. It should be enough to get the bounds of the Entities of the root level. Calling SUEntitiesGetBoundingBox on the root SUEntitiesRef should encompass the whole model. Is that not what you see?