Model Based Definitions - Anyone come across this in architecture yet?

Maybe Trimble could rethink Layout in this paradigm?

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Actually, those marketing terms of Dassault have been implemented in SketchUp from it’s very beginning…
Why need al the paperwork if you have the model?

LayOut is the LDD (low detailed drawing), but there are people that dimension every stud inside a wall, because it’s in the 3D model.

At the site, you only want to know how much space it would take between the walls when adding drywall, plaster or tiling.

I believe the architectural world has more experience with handling tolerances than the SolidWorks CAD industry, simply because the discipline is much older.

Rework or using an old (shop) drawing is prevented by using one (3D) datamodel that is accessible by all stakeholders of a project that are involved, preferably in an early stage and hosted in an environment where everyone might use it’s own software (or even a note that says: “ I don’t care how you build that wall, as long as my already bought cabinet fits in between”)

Talking BIM here.

On a sidenote, we sell Altair’s Solidthinking, why do all the Work when you can think it out, first?
With it’s flexible license system, you have access to various other software, like Altair Studio, with construction history, automatic parametric design options, etc etc.

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I understand that IFC is the equivalent in the architectural field.