Model Attributes for Generate Report - Display Label vs variable name

I have a single component with 137 custom attributes and many of them don’t seem to pull into the current report. I’ve saved the file selected the Entire Model, Component Nesting Levels: All. It seems to only pull in the Display label vs the name I enter for the variable. Here’s why that’s an issue for me. I have a lot of Display labels with “Date:”, and “Shift Time:” but those dates and times are all different and I need the reporting off of the custom name, not the display label. Is it possible to report off of the variable name? Below are my example custom attribute names, but the display labels for those are all identical between types.


As a work-around I can just add, “Date 1” as the display label, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a display label to me. One is to look pretty and the other is for data. I want a clean options menu. Anyways, the work-around seems to work fine, just was wondering if we could get the option at some point to report off of the variable name vs the Display label.

Using the latest 2018 Pro version as of 12/15 @ 5:04 p.m. EST.

if you do a report whist temporary off line, a very detailed report is produced in lieu of the online custom report. This data file could then be place in a spreadsheet and customised with the worksheet tools.
If you use excel, after you have workout what data you want to keep and sum up, then can help you create a VBA script to do the process

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