Model a windsurf board

Hello, I have been thinking about how to model a complex shape- my windsurfing board.
I thought about what measurements I could easily take. I realized that I could take many circumferential / perimeter measurements of the board, about every inch or so, from the tip to tail. I could also measure the width of each of these cross sections to get another constraint.
I thought I could make a dynamic component that I (or any user) could enter the perimeter and width corresponding to each measurement, and have that be enforced somehow. I would then just sandwich all of them together to get a rough model of the board.
The component would be made out of copies of triangles, each one rotated some fixed degrees. But I am having trouble parameterizing such a shape. I’m a beginner at sketchup. What are some other ideas to model such a shape as this?

(I wouldn’t start this as a dynamic component, especially as a SketchUp beginner!)

Here’s one way to start modeling…

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