.mmdl file conversion and upload into Sketchup

Does anyone know if its possible to convert and upload .mmdl files into Sketchup Pro? I’ve got a 3D .mmdl file from my truss designer that was made with Mitek truss design software. Looking for any ideas. Thanks!

Can your truss designer export to some common 3D format (DWG, DAE, IFC…)?

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Yes I believe they can. But I wasn’t aware that DWG converted to a 3D file in Sketchup? Thought it was only 2D.

AutoCad has been a 3D application since time immemorial. It is also a quite capable 3D modeller, but, IMO, rather clumsy to use. A 2D drawing in AutoCad is just a 3D drawing with all its Z coordinates set to 0. I know nothing of the truss software you mentioned so I cannot say if its exporter produces a “3D” or “2D” file.