Mixer pump dynamic component - model

Mixer pump boom.skp (249.1 KB)
Hi everyone, will appreciate if anyone could help me to create dynamic component model for mixer pump sticks,to allow every single stick to rotate to each other and to be connected. Currently struggling to create formula for them. Thanks a lot!

For all the sticks put the insert point on the model at the joint, axis in same orientation. say x axis on length, y axis on width… no fix values, all rotations zero

line them up at appropriate points on the x axis
then place stick 5 into 4, then 4 into 3, 3 into 2…1 in to base,

then there is no need for all the trigonometry, which would be a challenge

Mixer pump boom 3.skp (373.4 KB)

once you have position and fixed the discrepancies and finished stick 4, I would not mind if you post it again and I can create formula to open and close, plus end position base on length and angle from the base,


Thank you very much @pcmoor, this is what I was looking for as a simplified model version. Tried to do with parent formula but not sure what was an issue with that. Current model stage will do work for sure,Thanks again!