Missing Sample File on article 3000045

Link: http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000045

Download our sample ifcXML4.skc file.

The file is not available from this location. Can you please check this?

Still unavailable. Does anyone have a copy they can share?

I can confirm the link to the sample file still doesn’t work … File Not Found

@Tommy … ping
There’s something broken here.


Yields this…

I’m not familiar with the dl folder on the Knowledge Center. Can you lend some insight, @jody?

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I know there was some flakey DNS activity last evening which might have affected this last evening, but if it’s still happening then I’m not sure why. We have a new folder for hosting downloads so I’ll see about getting this file uploaded there, then fixing the URL.

Thanks for pointing it out.

This is all fixed, took longer than expected but it should work now.

I checked it and it works. I was able to download the file and it is now able to follow the instructions of the tutorial.

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Complementing… For Mozilla Firefox this seems not be a direct link to download. For me only works the click with the right mouse button and save as…

I testet the Article http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/300004515 with Version 38.0.5 of Mozilla Firefox and it worked. I was able to download ifcXML2.skc file with left click behavior. After I read @anme Complementing.

I will test it now with current version of Mozilla Firefox.

Works also at my side with Version 39.0 of Mozilla Firefox. I was able to download the file with left click behavior.

Sorry but it’s still doesn’t work !