Missing Project

Have you tried searching your system for all SketchUp model files?

Like so…
Press the Window Key+S … and then type … *.skp (including the asterisk)

Just tried this, “no items matched your search”

I have found a very early version, on trimble that i used with sketch up free, but this is 20h before, i tried clicking save as, to see if the newer version might be there but it was not, and it was in this place - C:\Users\Jack\AppData\Local\Temp\skp20200331–f113jg

It’s not clear what you mean by “on trimble”

Try opening SketchUp Pro
There, look to the top menus … File > Trimble Connect > Open Model

i can only see the two files that we did in class on sketch up free here

I’m out of ideas as to where the file might have gone.
Perhaps @TheOnlyAaron and @colin would lend their detective skills.

Thanks for helping, anything would be very much appreciated!

I have just had a thought, i had not opened Sketch up in a few days, does it get rid of temporary files after a few days/ is there a way to recover them? i had been clicking save but maybe it was being saved to a temporary location?

SketchUp doesn’t but your operating system does. If you were saving to a temp folder, this could explain why you can’t find the file. As for recovering it, it might be possible with some sort of file recovery software. Exactly which one to use I can’t say.

Hi thanks, i have recovered a file which i think is it, its a .skb file, but i can’t open in it sketch up, any tips on how i might be able to do this?

change the .skb to .skp

How can i do this?

select the file, right click and choose Rename, change the b to a p and hit enter, it will warn you that changing a file extension can harm things, do it anyway.

Thanks just did this, opened it with sketch up, it said “this does not appear to be a sketch up model”

Then it has been damaged in the recovery.

Is there anyway i can get an undamaged version?

I’m at a loss as to how you had a saved file to begin with if you hadn’t saved it to a location. So I can’t offer any more advice at this stage.

Me too! if anyone has any other ideas that would be appreciated

Open Sketchup, make a new file and save it with a name you can search for. Then find that file to determine where Sketchup was/is saving your files. Or maybe choose save as and see what the preloaded pathway is? Not sure if windows works that way. Anyway somehow you need to make sure you are saving your files in the proper place on your pc in the future. If you can determine for sure that the files were being saved to a temp folder at least you will know what happened.

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It was saving so a temp folder, but yeah will know for next time, but the file i was looking for is not there.