Missing “OpenGL”

Recently I decided to learn about sketchup. I installed sketchup pro trial version in my system.Unfortunately I couldn’t select multiple items at a time (section box not appearing). I realize that in “Preferences” there was an option OpenGL. In system it’s not shown. So kindly advise me what should I Do.?

What multiple items are you talking about? Can you take a screenshot and post it?

While I picked the selection tool, I could not pick and drag. While I ctrl+A, it can be selected all.
There are video files attached for your reference.

I believe it’s now called Graphics.

on your video your windows interface looks… older. what Windows version are you running ? (and please add that to your forum profile, it says windows right now).

on your profile it says your GPU is a nvidia. go check for drivers updates on their website (don’t trust windows auto update). and check in your windows parameters that Sketchup will use you nvidia GPU.

and update your beta. there is a new version, lots of fixes, I can tell by the older icons you have.