Missing Model Info button

After the latest update 23.1.340 (windows 64 bit) our toolbar button for “Model Info” disappeared. It was simply a shortcut for [Window] > [Model Info], but was one my team uses dozens of times a day and saves a few clicks every time. It was a round circle with an “i” in it.

I can not figure out how to put it back on our toolbars… Anyone know how to get it back?

I’m not seeing it either (though I can’t say I ever knew there was a toolbar button for it). You can quickly create a keyboard shortcut for Model Info in Windows → Preferences… which may end up being quicker than the toolbar button to begin with.

It’s on the Standard toolbar.
Screenshot - 10_27_2023 , 11_28_45 AM

You can either display that toolbar or add the Model Info button to another native toolbar or to a custom toolbar if you want.

Good find, Model Info wasn’t appearing in my Standard Toolbar for some reason, but then I clicked the reset button and it showed up.


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Perhaps you dragged it off the toolbar by mistake?

If you are customizing toolbars hold CTRL while dragging the tools. That will copy the button instead of moving it. Then no need to reset toolbars.

There was an issue where the model info button might show some other text instead of the info ‘I’ button. The doing a reset of the Standard toolbar is the simplest work around to the problem.

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Yep, that was it for me. Did that work for you @dwaynelord?

Thanks everyone! The reset did the trick! Not sure why it just disappeared with the update though…