Missing groups when importing to fbx Max

Hi there
I am trying to import my test environment to 3D Max. Only about 75% imports and the rest wont show up. Pretty much all of it is made up of groups.
Some of it is copied and pasted too and some of those copied and pasted show up while others done which doesn’t make much sense.
I’m using Sketchup Pro 2018 and Max 2018

If anyone has any help or information as to what could be causing this issue that would be great

Just to be sure: do the groups have unique names OR are all named ‘group’ ?
I could imagine that groups that have identical names overwrite each other so you just end up with the last exported of the same-named groups.

Are importing skp file directly or other formats?

All named group currently - I can rename these.
It does seem to work now at least - all I did different was exclude the animation info from the import box

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