Missing functions, and input

Hi all.

First I just want to say, I LOVE IT…
Its running smooth and flawless. And Im going to run it on Raspberry Pi under Ubuntu Mate and Raspbian.
Right now Im missing camera functions like views and Parrallel projection. I wanted to change the zoom view angle to 1 degree, but I cant type anything in…

Best regards
Biorn Christiansen

Hi Biorn, hi folks.

After selecting the Zoom Tool, press and hold down the SHIFT key then move the mouse up or down to modify the Field of view.


at the moment my.sketchup hasn’t exposed all of the standard SU functions…

you could inject a shortcut key or button for PARALLEL_PROJECTION if your geeky enough…


Hi Bjorn,

I gave my.SketchUp a shot on Raspberry Pi, but couldn’t get much performance out of it. You’ll need a WebGL-capable web browser to make it work, something like Chrome. Can you share your experiences here when you’ve given it a go?