Missing files in sketchup free

I started a file in the UK then moved to the US at the end of Feb. I now can’t find that file, but I do have files that I have worked on lately in the US. Wondering if there is a regional problem with files?

There shouldn’t be a problem based on your location. The most common reason for the sort of thing you describe is using a different e-mail than you used when you signed in before.

Checked that out and only have one email account registered. Is there a way to get support to try and find the file?

As a user of SketchUp Free there is no entitlement to support except through this forum.

Try clearing your internet browser caches and try signing in again.

In Trimble Connect there is a folder for Europe, North America, and Asia. Go to this page and change the location, from the drop down menu in the upper left of the page:


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Can’t see anything in any of the regional folders. Is there any way to restore the lost file?

If you are in the right account, right region, and right project, the Activity section will show any files that were deleted, and there is a Restore button next to the ones that were deleted.

I will message you to find out your details, so that I can check from our side.

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