Missing collections in collection list

I have noticed something strange when I try to upload some parts.
After creating the part I can choose in which collection I want to put it.
But when I click to “add to collection” some collections are not visible.
to give an example : the collection “Alcoa fastening systems” exists but is not in the “add to collection” list when I want to add a part to this collection.
I have checked the collection and the collection’s statut is “public”.
So if anyone have the same problem and know how to solve it, can he please tell me how to do.

I saw your collection and the Alcoa fastening systems collection, so I added Alcoa fastening systems to one of my collections. Note that it may take up to a minute for the collection to update, but mine did add it. Not sure what’s going on with yours. Try again.

What’s really strange is that you don’t zoom extents before uploading your models, so most of the thumbnails on your models are either zoomed out of view or so tiny that people can’t see what you’re uploading: Search for traceparts | 3D Warehouse

I’ve left comments on your models regarding this, but they’ve gone ignored.

Hi Barry thank you for your reply.
I have recreated the collections and it seems to work fine now.

About the zoom problem I already have reported it to our team. We are still working on a way to fix it.


Here’s an example of Barry’s suggestion.
ISO View > Zoom Extents > File > Save

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