Misleading OSNAP information

Today I discovered a messaging problem the hard way. I had drawn a line on the blue axis from the midpoint of a group, to serve as a reference line for the construction I was working on. After much work, I discovered the reference line I had drawn was NOT centered. It turns out that the top line of the rectangle of the group I was drawing from actually consisted of two line segments, and I had unknowingly picked the midpoint of one of the line segments, NOT the midpoint of the group, which is what had been indicated.
The problem that needs fixing is this: Either when OSNAP is picking the midpoint of a line segment within a group, the message should say “Midpoint of Line Segment” instead of “Midpoint of Group”. Or, if the message “Midpoint of Group” is displayed, then it should actually be the midpoint of the group, NOT line segments within the group.

There is a difference, subtle but it is there.
When it picks the midpoint of a segment it says ‘Midpoint in Group’
When it picks the midpoint of a group it says ‘Midpoint of Group’

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I just tried it with a simple grouped rectangle, the upper line consisting of three line segments. The message was the same in all instances: Midpoint in Group.

Which is consistent with what I said if your 3 segments are the same, or at least the middle one fall at the centre.
You see it here, if I use the move tool it finds and says center in group, but by using alt it overides the in group one and shows the of group one.
GIF 7-07-2022 11-28-40 AM

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I’ve tried it in every imaginable way, and get the same message … Alt key included.

Just hover the move tool over a group and tap the alt key and you should see the grips change. It also tells you in the taskbar.
GIF 7-07-2022 11-54-47 AM

Ok, I see where we are different, I have been using the move tool, which has those grip options, you have been using the line tool.
I believe the line tool will only say ‘in group’ as it is not referencing the group itself only the geometry within the group. So it is actually giving you the correct information, albeit not necessarily as clearly as you might want.

Might be more clear if they simplified the wording to more imperative
GROUP midpoint
LINE midpoint

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Right on!

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