Mirror Tool for 2014

Does anyone out there know of a simple Mirror Tool for 2014 ?

Yes, TIGs mirror plugin.

Looks like its PC only … I need Mac version …

I can’t test this, but TIG is writing about MAC here.

toggleWindows.rb & Win32API.so - PC only, too close Outliner during changes BUT it works without them

Sound like it should still work.

It IS cross-platform, and quite compatible with MACs.

What makes you think it’s PC only?
There are a couple of files supplied for older PCs, but it works without them on newer PCs and all MACs.
I might remove them in an update.
Most plugins work on PCs AND MACs.
They are usually highlighted if they are OS specific…
I don’t think I have ever written a script that’s OS limited - sometimes the OS is detected and alternative methods invoked to suit…
For the avoidance of doubt I have just changed the tool’s page at SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation so it now explicitly says it is PC/MAC [and all versions] compatible.
I have also adjusted the code in v4.2 only to install/use the toggleWindows.rb and Win32API.so, IF the computer OS is Windows and the SketchUp version is pre-v2014 etc, which was set up to avoid rare Outliner crash issues with some older PC versions…