Mirror extension not locking to axes with arrow keys

The Mirror extension doesn’t seem to be locking to any axis when arrow keys are pressed.
Sometimes its very difficult to lock to a particular axis with cursor(mouse) only.
Using arrow keys to lock to a particular axis would be a very helpful feature to this extension.
Just like native drafting tools in sketchup.

Which mirror extension are you referring to?


You should post in the extension’s thread and ask the author if that’s a feature they can add.

Got it, Thanks

You also posted over at SketchUcation.com
As explained you do get axial inferencing / locking…
You might need to adjust your view-point…

As you can see in the first gif I’m snapping to axes using my mouse and the extension works just fine.

But in the 2nd one, if I’m a little bit off of any axes(highlighted by black line) the arrow keys don’t help me snap to any axes.

The normal inferencing is there.
The axes color changes to show your cursor positions are on axis ??
The arrow key snapping is not incorporated…

Yes, the axes color changes according to my cursor positions.
If only I could snap with arrow keys it would have been helpful.