Mirror (all) Cameras & Cross Section Plane(s)

I have a complete plan set, that client has decided to “mirror” on the lot.

My initial thought:
Is it possible…very much like scaling to -1…to effectively mirror the entire SU model views/section planes and retain active section planes in their assigned SU scenes?

Seems the cameras would have to be visible to permit this action?

Maybe someone has done this once before. (assuming this is possible.)

I have attached a very basic model that I hope illustrates my desired “mirror” result.
Thanks for your time.
Mirror_XS_and_Cameras_03_03_2022.skp (77.7 KB)

Have you tried reversing the section cut? Right-click on it and choose reverse cut.

Thanks…I could reverse each affected section plane manually, and re-set camera for each associated scene. (Tedious to put it mildly)
The actual project model has 26 LO sheets w/approx 4 model viewports per sheet.
I have to mirror along SU global green axis…so not all viewports will be adversely affected as far as resetting active section plane and camera.

Not looking like there is going to be an easy button for this one…darn it.
Thanks for having a look and suggestion…I do appreciate it.


You should be able to select everything in SU and use flip along (select appropriate axis). This would maintain the model in its exact location.

In LO you would only need to update the title of each viewport for the elevations.

Easier yet, create a new SU file and import your model. Then use the flip along method. This assumes you are using a standardized template in your workflow.

Thus way any changes you make to one design is easily updated in the mirrored version.

Hey Nick,
I felt like after this action is where I would be “stuck”…but earlier today it occurred to me that if all my prior west facing section cuts were now east facing w/east facing active cuts (after flip along)…all I would need to do is select one prior east facing section cut scene along w/all now “flipped” scenes and tick the camera box in the scene properties tab…and do the same for the east that are now west…then only one remaining east to west and west to east to finish. :thinking:

I’m fairly certain I learned that neat trick from you some time ago.


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