Minor Password Reset Snafu

My SU/Trimble account is paid up, active, and I can draw. Just opened the program for first time in awhile.

  1. My desktop SU icons read 2021. Does that mean SU is not updated to 2022?
  2. Tried to log into account for first time since SU’s January security platform update. My old password was rejected and when I tried to set a new password, initiating the ‘forgot password’ procedure, the website told me it would be sending me a verification code to my email address so I could reset. BUT the email never arrived. I’ve tried it several times and scoured my inbox: no verification code from Trimble.

SketchUp doesn’t automatically update to a new major version. You would need to download and install the new version. Each SketchUp version is a separate installation so you don’t lose SketchUp 2021 immediately after installing 2022. Once you get SU2022 installed you should have another set of icons on the desktop for that version. They probably won’t be all together like this but…
Screenshot - 2_14_2022 , 3_35_57 PM

Remember, when you install SU2022, right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator.

Did you check the Spam mailbox?

I did check Spam. Nothing there from SU/Trimble

Hmmm… Hopefully the right e-mail address? Maybe @colin can have an e-mail sent to you.

Got SU2022 downwloaded but will not let me install because of the passwprd issue.
Will try @colin

SU2022 installed. I signed in via Google without using email and password.