Minimum Ram Memory


I plan on purchasing a new ASUS C302 laptop with only 4G Ram.
Will SketchUp Pro 2017 run smoothly with only 4G Ram?


I would recommend more RAM, I think at least 8G but the more important thing to look at is the speed of the CPU. Get the fastest one you can.


I’d recommend 8Gb min, but depending on your Windows versions you might not be able to exceed using that anyway…
With your minimal version about half of the RAM would be used by the system, making it a pain to use more than one other RAM-hogging app at a time !


Asus c302 is a chromebook? With Chrome Os you can only make use of the (beta) my.sketchup via webbrowser.


OK, so with other OSs the RAM is not limited [?], bur still any OS takes a sizeable chunk off just 4Gb RAM ??
{This question is in the SketchUp section - not my.sketchup ??]


The OP asked if the Asus will run SU PRO smoothly , since the asus has Chrome OS , I guess the answer is ‘Not at all’ You can only run SU via the webbrowser on


Thanks all for your help.