Microsoft Surface Studio

Anyone have any experience with SU on the top end Surface Studio?

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I’m wondering the same thing…looking into purchasing one but don’t want to be disappointed with the SketchUp-ing!

I have a surface studio 2 It performs fast with sketchup and layout. Although I dont have a system to compare it to. However im finding when I get the “program not responding” that happens all the time in Layout its not always sketchup / Layout. I have 16 mb of ram and im thinking thats not enough. Note the ram is not upgradeable on the Studio platform. My graphics card is Nvidia GTX 1060 it seems to be good and not an issue for any slow performance. Im looking into how I might be able to improve speed on the hardware side. I dont think Layout is totally to blame for slow performance that people complain about.

Maybe it could be used as a pen display for a beefier desktop. I don’t see how it could be improved, hardware side, in another way.

It’s way overpriced for the hardware it offers, you can get a much better pc with a lot more powerful hardware for less than half the price of the latest surface studio, you can get a high end graphic tablet if you need that feature, it would be cheaper even if you buy the best Wacom tablet available.

There’s not a noticeable performance gain with a 12th or 13th gen intel cpu and a more powerful gpu on Sketchup and LayOut, however for rendering either with cpu or gpu a machine with an 13th gen i7 and an RTX 4070 outperforms the surface studio, the surface studio 2 has an 11th gen i7 and an RTX 3060 laptop gpu.

Thanks for the insight. I’m in the process of getting a barely used Studio 2 for about 1/3 of the price of a new one. I guess we’ll see how it goes.:slight_smile:

I admit im not up on current OS “management” like I was way back in the win 95 days when you had to just to keep things running. I would be interested in an app that shows whats actually happening. Ive just recently looked at the task manager in an attempt to see where or what is doing all the work and is the reason for things being slow in the hardware side. My CPU doesnt seem to be working all that hard 25%. Memory is around 80% Im nor sure about the GPU. I wonder if any possible settings could be optimized to improve performance. If there are answers there it might help all who wrestle with long wait times during certain processes regardless of hardware. Ive noticed Layout seems slower with the last release during export to PDF.