Microsoft acquiring GitHub - will it be good or bad?


Microsoft acquiring GitHub - will it be good or bad ?



I am wary myself.

Microsoft gobbles up everything, and then we are inundated with advertisements promoting Microsoft platforms, languages and products.

Microsoft also have a history of taking other companies IP (Stacker Technologies) and will commercial companies feel that their code is safe on private accounts ?


I too am wary. I don’t like open platforms such as GitHub being taken over by any company likely to inject promotions and advertising for their other products.

That being said, I’ve seen others object on the basis that the projects hosted on GitHub will become Microsoft’s intellectual property. I’ve been convinced that that simply isn’t true, since GitHub itself explicitly denies they own the IP represented by the projects it hosts - they each are able to define the ownership and use of their own IP. And Microsoft would face such an incredible backlash should they attempt to change this that it just won’t happen - even if the acquisition goes through.