Method for a Material Master Library to Overwrite Local Materials by Name

Is there a way to maintain a Master Referenced Material Library so that newly imported components are forced to inherit the master materials? This despite differing attributes.

Currently, if there has been a modification to materials in the imported component, its similarly named materials are iterated and appended to the destination model’s material library. On a mac this is problematic due to the MacOS material palette’s (chrono)sorting behavior.

I am aware of ThomThom’s excellent [Material Replacer]
(Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse). Material Replacer is useful on materials one at a time. It is more cumbersome on site models with dozens of referenced components buildings. Here again, the MacOS material sorting is problematic when working to consolidate multiple materials which are essentially the same, but have minor discrepancies in naming.

Perhaps a material name mapping table to preserve material attributes as they encounter conflicting imports would be helpful in a more globally coordinated workflow.