Messy when zooming in

Hi all,

One of the tricky things I find in SketchUp is to make sure to surfaces and edge that are supposed to align, actually do. When I zoom in extremely, it often looks like this:

Does that automatically mean that something isn’t aligning?

Many thanks

Generally that would indicate that one part passes through the other. Implies you haven’t got things lined up accurately. If you share the model file it would be easier to give you exact information.

Thanks Dave for your quick response.

I really appreciate you want to have a look
messy when zooming in.skp (1018.6 KB)

Well, you might not want to thank me yet.

I can’t find the exact spot you show in your screen shot. I see places where the side rails meet the legs and don’t intersect but I’m thinking that’s not it. Maybe you could describe the point you’re seeing better?

I did find places where those rails don’t seem to come together properly. In fact all three corners are different.

Is that platform supposed to be horizontal? Are the legs supposed to be at the same angle?

You can ignore the legs, it’s about where the beams meet each other and the top layer.

You won’t find the exact spot cause I uploaded a different platform. I knew there was something else wrong with that platform (from the original screenshot) anyway, so I didn’t want to confuse you and I copied another platform that does the same messy stuff into a new skp (to reduce file size).

Interestingly, when I zoom in on this file, it doesn’t do it!

No, the platform needs to be tilted but also be easy to bolt to the legs. That’s way I end up with all sort of angles that I find tricky to align.

No thanks yet then :wink:

It’s a bit late at night for me so I’m having difficulty comprehending why you would upload a model that isn’t the one showing the error.

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I’m having a problem with my banana, here check this orange and tell me why.

Well, since we don’t have the model that shows the issue I can only guess. But I notice that in all of the screenshots showing the issue one or more edges extends visibly past or fails to meet one coming from the other direction, suggesting that indeed the parts are overlapped. In the good screenshot they meet cleanly.

Well, that would explain why I don’t see the problem. I guess I can’t give you an answer based on what little info I’ve had to go on.

All jokes aside, we are here to help, but can’t without the real bits.

:grinning: First reason was to reduce file size as mentioned, second reason I don’t know if the company I work for is ok with sharing models. I’ll check

If you have a privacy issue use the private message function to send it directly to Dave R.

Just a passing thought: the strange triangles you see are likely a variety of “z-fighting”, where the display system can’t determine which of two objects is closer to the camera so it sort of jitters between them. If you set either wireframe or hidden-line+x-ray you may be able to see better what is going on at that junction.

From what I can see in your complete model, if you haven’t moved the components, I would blame this on your old graphics card, Maybe a temporary issue. Normally when you see that sort of thing the problem is due to one face passing through another like I’ve set up in the screen shot below. But even then, you don’t see the jagged pixelation like your first images shows.

Might be time to talk the boss into updating your computer.

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The odd jaggies etc. seen on your screenshot could also be artifacts caused by very large extents of your complete model. Have you imported some CAD content into it?

Thanks for all the responses and suggestions.

I have a dwg import (exported from Vectorworks) in there.
I saved the file without the dwg import and it remains the same (I suppose because it’s still in the component list). Only when I copy certain components into a new file, there are no jaggies.