Messing about with textures

Improvisational Modeling - Based on what I happened to find in Photos on my iPad, I ended up making a 45 single.

Sorry if I’m slow to catch up. I wanted to see how importing a photo texture works given there’s no File>Import… function. There’s no manual, so tell me if there’s something else I need to know.

  • Textures are brought in via 3D Warehouse? Is there any other way?

  • Photo’s from the iPad can be imported into the In Model palette? Is there any other way? Any other file locations?

I see the iPad version suffers from the same flipped face on push-pull that the desktop version has; No matter whether a face is front-up or back-up, when push-pulled, the material always ends up on the backface and needs to be manually fixed.

Also, Entity Info shows front and back material, but we can’t do anything with them there? On desktop you can select one of them and delete the texture, or drag the texture from the back to the front, or from the palette to Entity Info.

Any more insights on textures?

Let me clarify: This happens when you push-pull downward. Push-pulling upward doesn’t have a problem.

Import an image, scale it, explode it. You have a material based in a texture.

You have a tool for importing images but, if I remember well, drag and drop also works

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Yes! This is how I did it as well. I was able to import and image as “image” to be able to sketch over it. Then I could explode and get the material from it.

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Doh! There it was all the time, and I wasn’t seeing it.

Next step

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To be fair, this is a command, not really a tool. By Apple’s interface standards on the Mac, you’re supposed to start a process like this from a pull-down menu, not a tool on a tool palette. Perhaps a button in the upper left menu brings up a separate palette of operations or commands from the bottom of the screen - Procreate does this in their interface. Calling up 3D Warehouse isn’t really a tool either. “Tools” are really modes; line creation mode, selection mode, etc, which is something you stay in until you switch to a different mode. The interface would be more pure if the main tool palette was strictly tools and not commands.


I agree we should have the least amount of tools possible, a clear separation between tools for drawing and modeling, toggles and other actions. This separation should also be costumizable with different places toolbars or locations to present our most used toggles and actions.

A lot of toggles are hidden away in trays so they require a lot of tapping and searching between different trays to perform actions that, in the desktop, are a shortcut away.

This makes some actions in SketchUp for iPad very hard to handle and workflow isn’t fluid.

Drawing with the pencil is fun but everything else is still a bit cumbersome.

I’m sure we’ll get to a very nice point, because SU for iPad has evolved a lot in this regard in a very short time.

Congrats to the team.


Thanks Joao, Robert, Omar, for all the notes here.
In response to the original question re: materials & textures:

  1. You’ve found the Insert Image option from the tools palette (message received re: tools/commands)
  2. You’ve found the option to import textures from 3D Warehouse (which you can do by either importing a SketchUp file containing many textures, or by importing just one texture at a time).

Other options include:

  1. From the Materials Panel: add/remove/replace a texture when creating a new material, or when editing an existing material.
  2. From the context menu, when a face is selected, you have the option to choose “Add Photo Texture” from the materials sub-menu. From there, you can then use the iPad camera to take a picture and position it relative to the face before then applying the photo to the preselected face as a texture.
  3. The app also supports drag-n-drop of image files from apps that support drag-n-drop (e.g. Photos app, Files app, etc). If you drop an image out into white space or onto an object, the image is automatically imported as an image object. If you drop the image onto a face it is automatically imported as a texture.

(Also noted here, are the comments about the known issue regarding push-pulling a face that has a non-projected material assigned).

I didn’t see #1 right away; I did #3 first, but prefer the way 1 works. #4 also makes sense, but it only presents you with the iPad camera as an option. Perhaps at some point it could present the same three options as the material panel: camera, photos app, or file manager?

Do you think Match Photo might ever make it onto the iPad version?

It certainly could. Have been looking and listening to see whether any requests would surface along these lines.

Match Photo is on the list. Where it fits in terms of priority compared to all of the other things we’re wanting to bring to iPad is the bigger question. To date, there seems to be a greater sense of urgency around a fairly long list of other features.


While match photo was it’s time way ahead when introduced, the next step in development could be a ‘Match Lidar’ to take advantage of the capabilities of the new(er) iPad’s and or iPhones.
Scan a surrounding or room, import the Lidar in SketchUp and start drawing!

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I agree; top priority is to get down the basic tools, and everything else you do many times a minute. Stuff you use once in a while can wait till later.

Yes, that would be great, but then I’ll have to get a new iPad, of course.

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I forgot an option when replying earlier. Added #5 in the edited response above :point_up:

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