Mesh Export with Location Data for SketchUp Free

At the moment I can only export in the .stl format which does not store location data, something other formats can do. This is inconvenient for me, so I was wondering if it could be made so that SketchUp Free could export in any other format that has location data, even if it was only one other format. I am aware that you want users to sign up for paid SketchUp so I understand if you want to restrict this feature.

Why is it inconvenient for you as it is? How do you use this file export?

@DaveR I typically take a project and export it into several separate meshes. When I import the meshes into my rendering software is it inconvenient to try and fit the meshes together like they were in SketchUp Free. If location data was included the meshes would line up exactly where they should be and it would save me a lot of time.

Why export it into several different meshes? Why not export as one? It’s unlikely that the free web version is going to get something like this.

It makes it easier to animate (I want meshes that aren’t conjoined)

Yeah, I will just try to line up the meshes to the best of my ability. Thank you for acknowledging this topic.