Mesh damage after closing and opening a file?

Anyone else occasionally have a complex mesh be damaged (usually just a few very tiny triangles are missing) by closing and opening a file. This has happened to me a few times now. I know the mesh is fine because I run Solid Inspector on it and export a working .stl file. Then I close the file and open sometime later and find the mesh is damaged.

Check your scale, too small will fail in SU.

Uncheck the checkbox in the preferences (General tab): “Automatically fix problems when they are found”.
Leave the checkbox “Automatically check models for problems” checked to see that there are problems and try to repair them in a backup copy of your file (without auto repair!).

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Thanks. Always a good reminder.

Thanks. Will give that a try.

Fred :Post the model if allowed. Some times one finds the SU mesh is not pure even though it will report ok. Would like to run checks independent of SU.

Thanks for taking a look. The file is on Thingiverse here: Why Bernie - Health Care by Fredbartels - Thingiverse