Merging separate accounts into one company account

In the last year we changed from classical licence to annual subscription but we did that one by one creating several accounts. Now we want to merge all of them into one central company account. How do we do that?

Hi @Eland, I have requested our sales team to provide an answer to your question. I believe the answer depends on whether you added the licenses one by one yourself (by purchasing online), or through a channel partner, or through a direct sales representative on our end.

Second, could you share what company the licenses are under? You can DM me if you would like that information to not be public.

How can I answer you in private?

Click on @niraj.poudel’s avatar and click on the “Message” button on the window that opens

This is what I see when I click his avatar … there is message button

It must be the stupid forum settings - no personal messaging or file upload until you have posted a certain number of messages…

HI @Eland looks like the message link does not show up when you click on my avatar. As @Anssi mentioned, It is most likely because your account has not crossed a minimum threshold of forum participation for that DM feature to be available.

I’ll go ahead and instigate a DM with you so you can respond to it directly.

(Also thx to Anssi)