Menus for Preferences, Model info and Create textures don't show up and lock program

2 weeks back while working on a production sheet, I noticed that I couldn’t operate the Model info menu because it was half stuck in the top of my screen unable to pull it down.
Currently, that problem has gotten worse. Expanding to Create texture which doesn’t show up and locks the program up. Having to close it through Taskmanager.

While trying to solve the problem and coming across the Preferences>Workspace>Workspace reset method. However, I cannot perform it as that menu doesn’t appear either.

I’ve tried to decouple my 2nd external monitor and run SketchUp on my laptop, which makes the menus show up as they used to. It’s a workaround but having to decouple my extra monitors every time I want to change some parameters or make a new texture is just plain silly.

TLDR: Dual/Triple monitor setup makes pop-up menus disappear and ‘in some cases’ lock the whole program beyond normal means of closing.

Have a look here.

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Another shiny trinket to add to my ever-growing computer knowledge

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