Menu symbols

A simple question for a Wednesday morning:

On a Mac, you can have several files open at once in a session. Here’s an example showing what I am working on now:

Screenshot 2020-03-04 at 09.19.38

My question is about the left hand symbols. The tick represents the file currently showing. But what do the black circle and lozenge mean and how do they differ from no symbol at all?

Not a Mac user, but is there a convention what symbols to use in such a context? SketchUp can’t be the only program having this functionality.

tick: the foremost window.

dot: open in background, unsaved.

none: open in background.

diamond: minimised window/s.



Probably no convention needed if it’s part of the Cocoa toolkit.

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Thanks John, exactly what I was after.

I guess the important symbol is the dot as it’s a warning that a drawing that has been amended might lose those changes if a crash occurs. This is especially important on a mac as you get used to Apple software saving changes on the fly.

For those who, like me, have never noticed these symbols, they appear at the bottom of the Window menu on the list of currently open model windows.