Memory leaks in latest SketchUp API in macOS


I am working on a project that uses SketchUp SDK within a C++ program; and lately started using “debug_new.h” for finding memory leaks. In my first try, I found thousands of them… after a while, I basically created an empty main, and checked what sections of the code were generating them. I found that the origin was the SketchUp SDK (just by linking it).

I reported this to the developer of Debug New, and told me that “Real memory leaks happened. If the reported leaks are bigger when more data is processed or when the program runs longer, you probably need to worry”, but also mentioned that “It could be intentional to let the operating system free allocated memory on program exit (though I would not advocate such practices). It is OK if such leaks are more or less fixed-size”.

So… is this the expected behavior?


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