Members in Account Management disappeared

No members menu in subscription via reseller. but show in trail that expired. please help!


I took a look, and it’s a bit confusing, but you are admin on two different accounts for exactly the same named company. The one you are showing has had a trial that ended in December, and it had a subscription that expired last June. You still see both of those because you were assigned a seat.

The current subscription is under the other account, with the same company name. It’s while you are looking at that account that you then can assign members.

So, click on the down arrow to the right of the BE…IN… name, and choose the other company with the same name. Then you should see the members options.

@colin Thankyou for your Help
yes, i can see members option under trial epired. but …

You should contact your reseller, there was an issue with accounts that started a trial and then renewed or bought in december last year.

Ended up in creating a new admin account and transferring the assets to that.

He has contacted the distributor, and I added notes to the case to explain what appears to be going on. Which is, that the new account that was set up has no admin assigned.