Medieval Friary Help!

A student at University of Bristol.Firstly, there is a friary on the 3D Warehouse, which has expired. Anyone know how to locate it (Blackfriars) and secondly, where can I find some models to recreate this.I am new to sketch up, so can anyone help?

Could you give more information about the specific friary? I searched and found one in the 3D Warehouse but there’s no problem inserting it into SketchUp.

Yes this is the one, but when I clicked on it, it said that it had been removed or extinct, and I did not know how to insert it, as I am new to sketch up. I wanted to amend it a little to reflect the dimensions of the Newport Friary which I am trying to recreate.Thank you for replying.Eve

Did you try accessing it via the 3D Warehouse interface in SketchUp?

I’ve attached it but you should try getting it yourself.
Friary.skp (512.2 KB)
You’ll want to change the units to suit your needs.