Medeek Wall

Version 2.1.6c - 06.09.2021

  • Enabled boxed headers (2 ply) for windows, doors and garages by using the key word “BOX” in the header description.

*Note that this type of header works for both wood and steel and one can create boxed headers within the custom header library in the global settings. The only stipulation is that the header must be a 2-ply header.

Ah, so you’re saying that if there are 3+ it won’t work anymore?

Hm… Me try.

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Correct, it must be a 2-ply header since one member will be flush to the exterior of the wall and the other member will be flush to the interior of the wall.

The “BOX” keyword will otherwise be ignored by the header framing algorithm in the case of 1-ply or 3-ply headers.

Version 2.1.6d - 06.09.2021

  • Fixed a minor bug with the custom beam and header libraries (status, edit and delete functions).

This issue affected beams or headers that included brackets in the name, “(” or “)”. This particular bug has been around for months but I guess no one noticed that you could not delete, edit or change the status of beams or headers with brackets in the name/description.

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How do you keep track of all the stuff you can work on!

I noticed some time ago that the link in the license tab in the foundation plug-in doesn’t actually take you to the change log of the foundation plug-in. It takes you to the wall change-log.

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Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I will get it corrected.

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I didn’t realize it until last night but when I originally programmed the garage portal frame module I did not fully enable the holdown option for this type of door framing configuration.

The next version of the plugin will have this enabled so that you can include holdowns as shown:

View model here:

I’ve already added the necessary logic and programming in but the signing system on SketchUp’s website is currently experiencing some difficulties so I can not yet release version 2.1.7.

Sorry I keep finding work for you to do, I know your already have a lot on your plate.


There’s some instances when a garage door doesn’t have any top cripples, you just put the top of the header flush against the bottom of the top plates.

If you set the door height in this way in the wall plugin, it will generate top cripples inside the top plates if I’m remembering correctly.

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I will take a look at this. If the height is zero or “negative” then it should not draw the cripples, I will check my logic in the stud/framing algorithm.

Version 2.1.7 - 06.11.2021

  • Enabled holdowns for portal framed garage door openings.
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If I adjust the height of the door so the header butts up to the underside of the top plate then no cripples:

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Some recent questions on shed walls from users of the Wall plugin.

Here is a very basic example of a shed wall application:

Notice that the rectangular walls are set to “inset outside” corners and the shed walls are set to “outside” corners. It could be vice versa but I think this configuration is more common.

If you look closely at the model you will notice that the upper rectangular wall doesn’t quite match up with the upper shed wall height. This is because I rounded the wall height to the nearest 16th of an inch, however there is no reason why I can’t take it to the 5th or 6th decimal place if I wanted it to be more exact, it’s really up to the user.

Aha!! I had forgotten what I was even referring to.

What I meant to talk about is this:

Instead of using cripples, we plan to use a flat 2x6.

Now, I made that wall custom, with cedar for the trim boards on the garage door. If I regen it, it will all go away :frowning:

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Version 2.1.8 - 06.14.2021
Added roof cladding to the Medeek Estimator (common and monopitch truss assemblies).
Enabled net area calculations for roof sheathing and roof cladding.
Fixed a minor bug with in-wall columns and layers/tags.

To take advantage of the updates to the Medeek Estimator for roof truss assemblies listed above you will need to upgrade to this latest version of the Wall plugin.

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Version 2.1.9 - 06.20.2021

  • Added the ability to create custom “Lap” wall cladding materials within the Material Library.
  • Enabled “3D” Lap wall cladding for all wall types: Rectangular, Gable, Shed and Hip.

This latest cladding/siding addition is per request from ArtisanTony:

Check out his Youtube channel, a lot of high quality content on using SketchUp with various architectural projects.

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Tutorial 21 - 3D Cladding (12:15 min.)