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Great, thanks for the response! That was my plan with the trim tool.

Nathaniel, while I am at it I’ll throw a few more requests your way. A shed roof dormer would really come in handy at the moment. To achieve this I am basically having to create my main roof, and then add in monopitch trusses with a large heel height. There will be windows in the dormer and gable ends as well, and I haven’t figured that part out yet, short of just modeling natively.



Version 1.7.1 - 11.15.2020

  • Added additional HSS and Wide Flange Beam options to the free standing column (post) tool.

Version 1.7.2 - 11.16.2020

  • Added the ability to create custom “Shiplap” wall cladding materials within the Material Library.
  • Enabled “3D” Shiplap wall cladding for all wall types: Rectangular, Gable, Shed and Hip.

The shiplap siding only includes two numbers, not three.

(ie. shiplap_6.0_0.5)

The depth of the cut is 1/2 the wall cladding thickness.

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I’ve been testing out SU 2021 with the Wall plugin, so far I haven’t noticed any issues. My biggest concern was all of the changes to the Tags (Layers) class of the API, but nearly as I can tell it has not broken anything yet.

View example model of 3D shiplap here:

Nothing inside the pale rectangle. Not seeing anything.

In the preview it shows up but not when posted! That is strange.

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Something is up with the forum and links to the warehouse. I noticed this a couple weeks ago, I just figured someone would notice and fix it eventually.

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Medeek Wall Plugin Tutorial 17 - Tag/Layer Folders:

View model here:

Version 1.7.3 - 11.20.2020

  • Fixed a bug with zero height gable, shed and hip walls when using the “No Framing” or “CMU” mode.
  • Fixed a minor bug with man door and garage door jambs with walls panels that are isolated in groups.

Version 1.7.4 - 11.21.2020

  • Completed the “Garage Doors” tab within the Global Settings.

Some more slightly tedious code, but necessary.

@medeek Do you have a roadmap for when the doors / windows will be split into their own distinct extension?

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Version 1.7.4b - 11.22.2020

  • Completed the “SSW” tab within the Global Settings.

I don’t know that I was going to split that into a stand alone extension, however my intent is to make the module work with any generic wall.

However, I have encountered some difficulties with that, I am still working on ironing them out.

Version 1.7.4c - 11.22.2020

  • Completed the “Beams” tab within the Global Settings.
  • Fixed a critical bug with the default settings for the following two window parameters: Jamb Ext. Reveal, Shim Gap.


When you first load the plugin it sets default parameters for walls, door, windows etc…
A previous update introduced a typo into the code which incorrectly set the two window parameters listed above. This update corrects those two typos. It is highly recommended to update to the latest version of the plugin.

Version 1.7.4d - 11.23.2020

  • Completed the “Columns” tab within the Global Settings.

In recognition of the overwhelming support I have received from the SketchUp community these last few months I will be immediately offering 40% off of the mdkBIM bundle price using the coupon code GIVETHANKS20. (ends Dec. 1, 2020).

This will reduce the bundle price from $170.00 USD to $102.00 USD. This promo code does not apply to any of the extensions purchased separately or to the electrical plugin. The offer also ends on Dec. 1 and no rain checks will issued thereafter.


Thank You!

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Just to reiterate when upgrading the extensions:

Once you have downloaded the new release, completely uninstall the existing extension prior to installing the latest release (click the Manage tab within the Extension Manager to uninstall). Failure to completely remove the existing extension may cause some files to revert to the older version and impair the functionality of the extension.

Sometimes users have encountered strange behavior when installing the extension on top of its previous versions. This is usually a result of certain files not being updated which leads to a real mess. Best practice is to complete wipe the previous version and then install the latest version.