Medeek Wall

Even though I could restrict the plugins to specific code compliant or engineering restrictions I have opted to leave things a little more open ended for the designer. For example with a framed window or door you could go with one, two or three trimmer studs or none at all (OVE), the choice on how to use the plugins is up to you the designer.

I am not opposed to adding additional features for OVE but I just need to have enough demand from the user base to justify it.

I’ve actually had numerous requests for SIPS and metal studs but both of these features are beyond the scope of the current wall plugin. If I do add metal studs I will probably create a completely separate wall plugin since it is such a different beast.

As I was comparing the window and door modules this evening a number of things jumped out at me. I’ve made some updates over the last few months to the window module that did not get propagated to the door module. Here is a short list of items I will work on in the next couple of days to bring the door module up to par:

1.) Arched, gothic arch and half round door openings and doors.
2.) Variable king stud width for doors
3.) Variable trimmer stud width for doors
4.) Built up headers for doors
5.) Trimmer extend option for doors (for built up headers that have a bottom plate, common construction method in Alberta CANADA).

Note that these updates are specifically for man doors and does not apply to garage doors or garage door openings. That will be work for another day.

I’m also considering making the wall plugin able to insert windows, doors and garage doors into generic walls (non-Medeek Walls), similar to what one is able to do with the electrical plugin. I actually don’t think this will be too difficult and will make the Window/Door tools more universal and flexible for the user who may or may not always use Medeek walls in a given project.


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1 thru 5 of the items list previously are complete and now functional (not released yet).

First look at an arched doorway:

I now need to complete the door trim, casing and install modules for an arched door. Eventually I will provide the option for all of the various door types (eg. six panel, half glass etc…) however to start with I will just enable the solid arched door.

There will also be the permutation involving sidelites and double sidelites with arched doors, but again this will be work for another day.

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Yes, that would be helpful for design. I’d like to see your tools work in a design mode that just has the outer shell of the whole assembly without all the construction parts inside. The volume needs to be a solid so it pochés with a fill.

The standard architectural design and documentation workflow is:

  1. Predesign
  2. Schematic Design
  3. Design Development
  4. Construction Documents

Almost everything about your plugins caters to the 4th step. The earlier design phases need to draw roofs, walls etc, and put windows and doors in very quickly as you go through variation after variation. You only care to see the visible faces and poché. Only after the design settles down do you want to see all the construction stuff inside. So, yes, for the design phases, punching windows and doors into generic solids is valuable, but your tools could make those solids a little smarter, i.e. trim, extend, split, etc.


Trimble has a constructible approach in 7 steps (by popular demand)

For now, it says that SketchUp could be used in step 2 only
(Modeling concepts) and uses Tekla for 3 and 4 for instance
Trimble has lots of software for bidding, organisation etc etc

if you push it to far, and we don’t hear from ya, anymore…

Wow, according to their chart, the architect just plans and comes up with a concept, and then excludes them from the rest of the process…part of the grand conspiracy to push architects into irrelevance.

They are engineered minded, I guess😃, but engineers will not be needed, as soon as the software will evolve enough for managers to control it.

This feature already exists. You can set the framing mode of the plugin to 2D or “no framing” 3D mode on a wall panel basis or even set the default behavior in the global settings.

Once you are comfortable with your design you can switch the wall panels to the full framing mode. The no framing mode generates the wall framing as a single solid. Perhaps I need another tutorial that explains this in further detail. Switching between modes is completely automated, just one mouse click after you right click on the wall assembly(s).

The idea behind the 2D and 3D No Framing modes is to keep the model as lightweight as possible during the early design phases (ie. don’t over complicate things with framing) while at the same time providing enough information to fully understand the design and its dimensional constraints/properties.

The 2D mode is great for the initial layout but eventually one of the 3D modes will be required to fully grasp the various wall heights and possibly stacked window layouts etc…

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The ultimate goal of my plugins is to integrate the conceptualization, design, rendering, construction documentation, engineering and estimating all into one system within SketchUp (and possibly an option to export drawings/geometry seamlessly into AutoCad).

I’ve worked as a structural engineer for a number of years and there has always been a disconnect between the model/architectural design and the work I do as an engineer. I would like to close that gap completely.

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I do believe a more intuitive 2D design/conceptualization tool might be useful prior to generating wall panels with my Wall extension. This extension would be used to lay out the overall floor plan of a design and then could be automatically converted to the appropriate wall panels utilized by the Wall extension.

I will need to give this some more thought.

First look at an arched door frame and (solid) door:

I think the only thing still pending is to make sure that wainscoting module can handle arched doors and then I will make this upgrade live.

Version 1.2.0 - 01.15.2019

  • Added (segmental and half round) arched doors to the door module.
  • Enabled variable king stud and trimmer stud widths for doors.
  • Enabled built-up headers for doors.
  • Enabled the trimmer extend option for doors.
  • Added casing “Style C” for rectangle and arched doors (gypsum wrap for interior wall openings).

I’ve also addressed a few minor bugs and issues with both the door and window modules.

Currently the only arched door style is a “solid” door however I can add additional styles upon request (ie. half glass, double, full glass, six panel etc…)

View models of arched doors here:

Version 1.2.0b - 01.16.2020

  • Fixed a bug with wall presets introduced with the addition of the stud spacing offset parameter.

If you have previously installed Version 1.1.8 thru Version 1.2.0 then you will want to update your installation to this latest version. The bug was introduced into the wall presets module on 01/06/2020 when the stud spacing offset parameter was added. This bug fix should resolve that bug and allow the creation of wall presets with this latest parameter added to the list of wall parameters.

Version 1.2.1 - 01.17.2020

  • Added FLUSH:MITER and MITER:FLUSH option to the Wall Cladding Corners parameter.
  • Fixed a second bug with wall presets introduced with the addition of the stud spacing offset parameter.

The additional options for the Wall Cladding Corners parameter is specifically for situations where you encounter a wall cladding material/thickness change at an inside corner as shown.

Version 1.2.1b - 01.17.2020

  • Added (segmental and half round) arched double doors to the door module.

View model here:

I’ve been considering add an advanced option for Quoins (outside corners only):

The required parameters would probably be:

Length 1:
Length 2:

View model here:

Version 1.2.1c - 01.17.2020

  • Fixed a number of bugs related to stacked doors, door sidelites and backward compatibility with previous versions.
  • Added (segmental and half round) arched half glass doors to the door module.

Half glass option per customer request.

Version 1.2.1d - 01.18.2020

  • Fixed the praire and perimeter grille style for arched half glass and full glass doors.
  • Added (segmental and half round) arched full glass doors to the door module.

It seems like there is always more with doors. The items still needing attention with the door module are:

  • Option for transom window above rectangular and arched doors.
  • Sidelites for arched doors.
  • Additional door types for arched doors (ie. six panel, double half glass, double full glass etc…)
  • Sliding doors
  • Pocket doors
  • Closet bi-fold doors

View model here:

I’ve also been giving the idea of generic walls with the window and door module some additional thought. After talking with a number of people it seems like it might be a good idea. I haven’t worked out all of the of the details but the basic idea is very similar to what I am doing with the electrical plugin so I can probably make it happen relatively easily by borrowing the code from the electrical plugin.