Medeek Wall

Version 3.5.6 - 03.21.2024

  • Added built-in “Taped” and “Green Taped” gypsum materials for all wall types.
  • Updated and added additional tool tips within the Global Settings.
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But why? There are basic functional updates that I feel would be more helpful to most users.
Don’t get me wrong, please. I love the plug-ins and I’m aware that you produce these on your own but I honestly can’t think of a reason why anyone would want to display drywall taping.


Initially I thought the same thing but as with all customer requests there is usually a reason for a request. With some new construction certain spaces are left in this partially finished state.

When I get a request for a new feature or update I usually weigh it in the balance against three criteria:

1.) How much time and energy will it take. If something doesn’t look that important but will only take 30 minutes to complete then I’m more likely to jump on it and knock it out (I call these low hanging fruit).

2.) Will the new feature be useful to a majority of the customer base. If it doesn’t appeal to the majority will it just add to the complexity of the plugin or will it make the plugin more confusing of convoluted. Also note that if I have had multiple requests for the same item then I am usually much more enthusiastic about that proposed feature or request.

3.) I then also apply my own personal biases and whether it is something I even want to pursue at the moment. There is a very personal decision, it really comes down to whether something catches my interest or fancy. I don’t like that my personal biases sometimes get involved in these decisions but I am a one many show so there is no sounding board other than my customers to push back on anything. Also, sometimes life gets in the way, and as many of you know my own health issues this last year have certainly put a damper on my performance and the speed with which I have been able to work.

With something like this it may not get much use but it was a very simple add (about 30 minutes creating the texture image) and it gives the user a couple more options for drywall that were not there before.

Contrast this with the recent update to the Project plugin, the weight analysis piece was a major update to the code, four new .rb files, almost a weeks worth of work and a couple really late nights. But the utility makes it worth all the hassle. After I iron out any further bugs or deficiencies it should become a very valuable tool within the estimating tool.

If you have ideas that you think would improve the plugins please don’t be afraid to share those ideas, opinion or thoughts. 90% of the plugin development is customer driven now. I will admit I already do have a very long todo list (about 250 items) but many of those items are in conflict with points 1 or 2 above, so they are not all being actively pursued.

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I’ve previously posted this on the Truss plugin thread however I think it needs to be made clear here as well, since I continue to get this same question asked over and over again:

Most Common Licensing Question - Why do I have to renew a Permanent License?

I actually get asked this question quite a bit lately and usually it is a very angry or frustrated customer I am dealing with, so I think it is worth my time to clarify this subject and hopefully help everyone better understand what is meant by renewing a permanent license.

At first glance it would seem oxymoronic that one would need to “renew” anything that is “permanent” however it does make more sense when you fully understand how the permanent licensing system of the Medeek plugins work.

When you purchase a permanent license of any of the plugins you are given a serial number and a “License Update Expiration Date”. The expiration date indicates which versions of the plugin you are allowed to operate with your current license/serial number. One will quickly note that the exp. date is usually one year out from the purchase date. This means that your license will work with any versions of the plugin that are released up to or prior to this date.

Effectively what this means is that when you purchase a permanent license you have free upgrades for a year from the date of purchase. Once this date has passed any future updates/versions of the plugins will not work with your license. To enable your license to work with versions released after your license has “expired” you simply need to “renew” it for another year. This will then push your “Update Exp. Date” out another year, giving you another full year of potential upgrades.

One can also renew at any interval they choose, there is no requirement to renew as soon as your license exp. date is reached. You may choose to renew and upgrade two or three or even five years down the road from the date of your original purchase.

There is also no requirement to renew your license(s) or update to the latest version of the plugins if you so choose. You can download the latest versions of the plugins when you originally purchase them and use them that way forever. Permanent basically means that the currently license plugins will continue to work forever (unlike a subscription license - which actually stops working once your subscription has ended).

However, to be clear, a permanent license does not mean “free upgrades forever”, and I think that is where some confusion exists for some customers and some frustration exists.

I do have a few “Lifetime” license options but the entry bar is considerably higher. The three permanent licensing options (multi-year) are:

5 Year - $560.00 (Discount Code: MDK5YEAR)
10 Year - $770.00 (Discount Code: MDK10YEAR)
30 Year - $980.00 (Discount Code: MDKLIFE)

Each price point offers a progressively steeper discount as the number of years of licensing increases.

To purchase a lifetime license, login to the Account Manager and then click on the mdkBIM icon. Click on purchase mdkBIM Suite, then enter in one of the discount codes above. You will notice that the price will adjusted accordingly and the expiration update date will also reflect the multi-year license.

As I’ve mentioned previously if a multi-year license is purchased I am also willing to throw in the Electrical plugin license at no additional cost and its license will also reflect the same number of years as whatever multi-year option was chosen.

If you have any questions with regards to how the licensing system works please feel free to email me specific questions at any time.

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Version 3.5.7 - 04.17.2024

  • Fixed a compatibility bug with SketchUp 2024 while maintaining compatibility with previous versions of SketchUp.

Looks like this same bug will need to be addressed within all of the plugins. I will have my hands full for the next couple of days…

As many of you may have noticed I have been absent from the boards since Mar. 29th. I’ve been very busy with some family matters but I am happy to be back in the saddle now.

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Just wading through my back log of items on my todo list for the Wall plugin and I noticed this particular issue:

The end cripples in this case have been turned off however the cripple in the lighter color (at the 16" o/c spacing) will be missing with the current algorithm as it stands. I will need to adjust this piece of logic so that this situation is handled correctly.

Version 3.5.8 - 04.25.2024

  • Fixed a bug with cripple studs over windows and doors.
  • Fixed a bug with the copy wall tool.

Version 3.5.9 - 05.01.2024

  • Added a rainscreen option for gable walls (vertical, horizontal, 45 and 135 degree).
  • Added a rainscreen option for shed walls (vertical, horizontal, 45 and 135 degree).
  • Added a rainscreen option for hip walls (vertical, horizontal, 45 and 135 degree).
  • Updated the license verification system with a more secure and improved algorithm.


Version 3.6.0 - 05.04.2024

  • Added the ability to create custom “Vertical Shiplap” wall cladding materials within the Material Library.
  • Enabled “3D” Vertical Shiplap wall cladding for all wall types: Rectangular, Gable, Shed and Hip.
  • Added the ability to create custom Dutchlap" wall cladding materials within the Material Library.
  • Enabled “3D” Dutchlap wall cladding for all wall types: Rectangular, Gable, Shed and Hip.

This update per customer request.


The original 3D cladding tutorial showed the following four materials:

  • Board and Batten
  • Shiplap
  • Log
  • Lap

The three additional ones added since this video are:

  • Metal
  • Shiplap (Vertical)
  • Dutchlap

There are now seven different types of 3D cladding materials one can configure within the Custom Material Library.


Version 3.6.1 - 05.13.2024

  • Added Symbol 2 Layer specfically for 2D door swing symbols (Layer tab of the global settings).

This update per customer request.


Version 3.6.2 - 05.14.2024

  • Enabled wall sheathing 2 statistics for the Medeek Estimating Module.
  • Fixed a bug with wall presets and the wall sheathing 2 option.