Medeek Wall

Version 3.0.1 - 09.03.2022

  • Added a “Label Location” parameter for windows: AUTO, INT, EXT.
  • Added a “Label Location” parameter for doors: AUTO, INT, EXT.

You can now manually configure the window and door labels to be on the interior or exterior of the wall on a per opening basis. The feature added per customer request.

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Version 3.0.2 - 09.05.2022

  • Enabled custom materials for wall framing within the global settngs.
  • Enabled custom materials within the “Wall Framing Material” parameter for all wall types.

With this update you are no longer constrained to set number of material/texture options for the wall framing. You can now use your own custom material for wall framing. The update was also per customer request.

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An actual mud hut:

In all seriousness though there are number of building methods (ie. rammed earth, adobe, cobb, stone etc…) which could utilize the flexibility of custom framing materials:

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Version 3.0.2b - 09.06.2022

  • Fixed a bug with wall presets introduced with the addition of the Label Rotation parameter from Version 2.9.8.

This bug affects wall presets within the “Draw” menu only. The issue was already correct in the “Edit” menu. I strongly encourage everyone to upgrade to this version of the plugin if you have Version 1.9.8 or later currently installed.

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Version 3.0.3 - 09.12.2022

  • Reorganized the door draw and edit menus to include an annotations section.
  • Added a “door swing angle” parameter for single and double doors.
  • Added the door swing angle parameter to the Door tab of the global settings.

The preset angles are: 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 135. The door swing angle for the door symbol can be set on a per door basis and can also be set to a default value within the global settings. This update per customer request.


Version 3.0.4 - 09.15.2022

  • Added XPS foam insulation as a built-in cavity insulation option.
  • Added XPS foam insulation as a built-in sheathing option.

In the material folder I’ve also included a zero-border version that can be utilized as a custom material.

Another minor upgrade per customer request.

This default material has been added to the sheathing and sheathing2 parameters, just some additional clarification on that. Adding these additional materials/textures is actually not a huge deal however it does require me to find suitable images which overall add to the size of the downloadable plugin (even though I do my best to keep the images sizes to a minimum while retaining acceptable quality).

I think for future materials I may put together a material pack that the user can install into their custom material library, thereby making it more of an optional add-on and keeping the default plugin install file within a more reasonable size.


You could also add the option to install additional materials right in your extension, with a single button click to download and install them from your site.


That actually is a really cool idea, that would be a fun project to program.


At this rate, it seems like you will be able to do all the MEP elements in the future! Fully framed and planned out! I’m super excited about where the tools are going!

I just wish I was moving a bit faster but the new place I moved to is taking too much of my time with repairs and landscaping issues. Hopefully in a month or two as we start into winter I can put some of those burdens to the side and focus more on my programming.


Is there a way to force this corner to favor the shear wall over the plain wall 90° to it? None of the corner options seem to matter.


I’ve been AWOL for a couple of weeks, my apologies. I’ve been dealing with a back injury so my response time may be a bit longer than usual. Hoping to get this resolved soon and back into the saddle. Lots of updates pending (mostly user requests as is normal). I appreciate everyone’s patience in the matter.


No big problem. Just mentioning it while it’s on my mind or I’ll forget.


Something I thought of in the realm of floor planning and sections. Pluspec does something where they have a block inside each wall assembly so that when you do a section, walls don’t have studs.

Then I could hide all the framing, turn on the framing hatching, and use curic section or skalp to make this! If the hatching had a user-definable tag, they could have a different pattern that depends on the wall framing thickness. The shape is basically already made when you toggle off the wall framing!

Just an idea . . .
Get well soon!

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Are you suggesting something in addition to the “No Framing” mode?

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Well, I’ve used the No Framing mode before and it yielded useful results, but it was a tedious and destructive process.

I wanted to use two different hatchings to represent 2x4 and 2x6 walls. So I made another copy of the model with all the walls set to “No Framing” (because it’s not quick to change them all, and I have scenes that need the framing there) and then changed the tags of the different wall framing masses inside the assemblies so I could apply new section materials to them.

I imagine there’s not a lot of people who are desirous to see a feature like this, and frankly I only needed it once so far, but hey man, there it is. :slight_smile:

Maybe it would be useful in your future developments. I’ve seen a button that doesn’t do anything: Generate Floorplan. :wink:

Here is a Medeek Wall toolbar cheatsheet provided by @jclements:


Corrected typos
_Medeek Wall Toolbar(s).pdf (251.0 KB)


Hello ,
i have tried the trial version of medeek BIM
I had to admit it was a quiet short (maybe too short) to really try out every function from this extension.
However it triggered me to purchase the permanent licence.
Sorry for asking it, i hate having this impression to beg or ask for discounts but … :nerd_face: :disguised_face: :nerd_face:
Black Friday Comes closer , and i wanted to know if there were some black fridays deals .

thanks for answer

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I will be running a thanksgiving promotion beginning Nov. 23rd until Dec. 1st. with 35% off of the regular mdkBIM bundle price (permanent license) using the coupon code GIVETHANKS22.

This will reduce the bundle price from $280.00 USD to $182.00 USD. This promo code does not apply to any of the extensions purchased separately or for the electrical plugin. The offer ends on Dec. 1 and no rain checks will issued thereafter.

I will also be running a separate renewal promotion for existing customers, the details are given below: